Friday, December 18, 2009
*Killing the Dragon*
(Ejdeha^ Kosha^n)
A Collection of Short Stories
By Yousef Alikhani

“Killing the Dragon” is the second collection of short stories by Yousef Alikhani and includes 15 short stories with unfamiliar titles of Ghashgha^bol (White-head Goat), Nastarana’, Divlenga va Kokaba (Demon and a Girl named Kokaba), Goorcha^l (The Dead Pit), Ejdeha^ Kosha^n (Killing the Dragon), Malakhha^y-e’ Meelak (Meelak Grasshoppers), Shool va Sheevan (Wail), Siya^h Marg-o-meer (The Black Death), Ousha^na^n (The Genies), Taa^rofee(Present), Kal Ga^v(The Bull) , A^h dood(Alas), Allah Beda^sht Safiyani( Alah Beda^sht the Idiot), Aab-e-Meelak Sangeen Ast (Meelak Water is Heavy) and Zolomat (Darkness).

The stories in this book are a sequel to the stories in the first collection by Alikhani (Ghadam Bekheir was my grandmother) and happen in the same rural atmosphere of Meelak village.

Having established his own imaginary world in his first collection, Alikhani attempts new experiences in this illusionary village.

“Killing the Dragon” won the First Aal-e-Ahmad Literary Award and was a finalist for the 8th Houshang Golshiri Award for Short Fiction.
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