Sunday, May 14, 2006
Yousef Alikhani, an Iranian writer was born in 1975 in the village of "Milek" in the Roodbar and Alamut region of Qazvin. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Literature from the University of Tehran. His first short stories were published between 1995 and 1996 in local magazines in Qazvin.

Published works:
Dragon slayage (short stories), Negah Publication, 2007
Ghadam Bekheir was my grandmother (short stories), Ofogh Publication, 2003

Looking for Hassan Sabbah:, the Life story of the god of Alamut for Young Adults, Qoqnoos Publication, 2007
saeb tabrizi’s Life, Madraseh Publication, 2007
Ibn Batuteh’s Life, Madraseh Publication, 2004
Aziz and Negar: Re-reading a love story, Qoqnoos Publication, 2002
The Third Generation of Fiction Writing in Today’s Iran: Interviews with Writers, Markaz Publication, 2001

The Stories of the People of Alamut and Roodbar, in collaboration with Afshin Naderi (to be published).


youssefalikhani AT gmail DOT com